Hiking Trails and Parks

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Why be out in nature as a medical student?

“Being out in nature is a completely different feel. The connection isn’t to another person, it’s to something that’s been there for eons, to trees that were standing before civilizations, to the sea constantly moving and surging. It’s an act of meditation that glimpses an unrivaled beauty, something that can be shown on a screen but never felt.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

North Bay 

“I love redwoods, and I love the feel and smell of a forest. I think the fresh air helps reset my mind and the walk itself helps me de-stress.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

East Bay

“I’ve run this trail, at least part of it anyways, hundreds of times since starting medical school… For me, running out on the trail is about being connected to nature — it’s power, it’s peace, it’s beauty. It’s never stagnant. The expansive bay, the mountain backdrop, the rolling clouds, the chirping birds, the swaying grass — it’s always changing. It’s humbling and inspiring…Running out on the trail and being surrounded by life and all it entails is what brings me to reflect. I think about how each day is a new day. Each day is different. Each day is a day to be thankful for.  This is what keeps me grounded.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

“The best part of the park is the view of the bay and San Francisco in particular. The park consists of a loop you can run/bike/walk and each part of it gives you a different appreciation for where we live.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

Wine County 

San Francisco Area

“I liked this trail because it has a little bit of everything. The trail goes down to the beach (where the Sutro Baths are). From here you can walk through a tunnel to get to some rocks where the waves are crashing into the cliffside. Afterwards, you hike up and around the cliff, reaching a small area with a bunch of trees.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

“This has become one of my favorite hiking trails because it’s relatively hidden and it’s never crowded with people…the trail is parallel to a creek and that the trail is completely covered by a forest canopy.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

Point Lobos (Carmel)

“Pretty easy and scenic hike through a forest on the coast of the Pacific and has great views at the end. I like going out in nature cause it helps me reconnect with myself and the world, which helps put everything in perspective…I’d also recommend getting drinks and/or food and just chilling at the bar at the Hyatt Carmel afterwards.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19