Student Favorites: Quick Workout Videos


Why exercise as a medical student?

“I think exercise is so important for medical students and health care workers in general because we need to set a good example for our patients…We need to practice what we preach in order for our patients to have trust in us and to be more inclined to work out themselves.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

The Fitness Marshall: Dance-based workout videos!

AnytimePilates: Affordable online pilates classes you can do in your own room.

“The reason I like Pilates is because it forces me to take the time to pay attention to my breathing and my body. When I’m sitting and studying all of the time, I feel completely out of tune with my body and my breathing gets really quick from stress. Pilates gives me a chance to focus on myself for a little while and feel more in tune with my emotions; it actually helps me study better and feel more balanced.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

Fitness Blender: Free online workout videos that you can mix and match.

“This site is great. They are professional trainers and have great instructions. Also they don’t have their own annoying work out music in the background of the video, so you can put your own annoying music on and just hear their voices, or keep it quiet. Lastly, this site enables you to search by time, equipment (including no equipment! no excuses…), and difficulty so you can efficiently find a work out which suits what you’re looking for.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

Beach Body: Workout videos + inspirational success stories and wellness coaches!

“Beach Body online is not a free workout website, but it is fairly cheap in comparison to a gym membership…What I also like about being a part of Beach Body is that you can get a Health and Wellness “Coach” that you follow on Facebook, Instagram, whatever, and they inspire you to keep pushing.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

Christine Salus Videos: Extended HIIT workouts – no equipment needed.

“Her workouts are tough and allow for a great sweat while also building muscle.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19

Insanity Max:30: Similar to the intensity of the original Insanity series, but in about half the time!

Easy to Follow Ab Workout

“Abdominal exercises increase core strength and posture which is great for the slumped over med student who spends most days on their ischials, well on their way to being lower crossed.” – Anonymous, Class of ’19